KPC Performance.


Rich experience in battery development

140 MWh

Cumulative Sales of Lithium Battery

1st Place

No.1 Domestic SMEs for Lithium Battery (Refer to LFP)

KPC (Korea Power Cell)

As an AI and ICT- based lithium-ion battery packaging company,
we are an industry leader leading the high- safety lithium battery market.


No.1 Domestic SMEs for Lithium Battery

The company achieved the No. 1 (LFP standard) in the industry by producing and selling lithium-ion battery needed for various industries such as golf carts, sweepers, FRTU, AGV, KTX, electric vehicles, forklift vehicles, and UPS and is recognized as a leading company in the industry with differentiated technology.


Owns more than 30 kinds of BMS (battery management system) that is the best in the industry.

We concentrate our energy on developing high performance BMS with the best engineers in BMS field. With 11 years of experience and extensive operational data, we have dozens of top- performing BMS that can be used immediately in various industries.


High cumulative Sales

Based on our differentiated technology, we have sold our products to many industries including starting, motive power, industrial, and ESS. As a result, the company achieved 140MWh cumulative sales, becoming a leading company in the SME lithium battery industry.


10% or more of R&D investment costs

As the leading industry of SMEs for Lithium Battery, we are developing differentiated lithium battery that is high-safety, long-lived battery based on ICT & AI. We participate in government R&D such as the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Energy to provide the best products and technology services in the industry in recognition of R&D investment and technical skills, which are 5 to 10% in terms of annual sales.

11 years

Have wide experience in battery development

Through 11 years of research and development, manufacture and sales of battery system, we have wide experience and vast operational data that other companies do not possess. This provides our customers with the most reliable, safe and optimized battery.


Introduction of the first defect prediction system based on ICT and AI in Korea

KPC, which has been leading the development of "high safety lithium battery" with abundant experience and technology, introduced ICT remote monitoring system and AI analysis system for the first time in the domestic SME lithium battery industry.