Lithium is the answer!
KPC is the lithium-ion battery company which is leading the the market converting form lead to lithium.
We have great number of delivery performance to various industries including golf course, AGV, sweeper, forklift, UPS, ESS, and FRTU.

(Battery Management System)

Completed the development of BMS applicable to various applications such as motive power, industry, communication, and ESS.
Optimized product and the highest reliability with the vast application of operational data collected through 140MWh sales.

KPC BMS development history

Started development
Completed development

Analog- based BMS

Korea's first mass production BMS application model for Golf cart

Applied to various applications such as AGV and agricultural machinery

Started development
Completed development

8bit MCU based BMS various communication possible

Applied Golf cart mass production model

Applied to various applications such as KEPCO FRTU, DAS terminal Samsung AGV, sweeper, etc.

Started development
Completed development

8bit MCU- based BMS modular BMS structure suitable for high voltage and modular pack design

UPS application

Started development
Completed development

Enhanced response rate and performance by upgrading 32bit MCU- based BMS MCU

Modular BMS structure suitable for high voltage and modular pack design

UPS and ESS application

Started development and in process

32bit MCU- based BMS standalone BMS advancement in progress

Plan to apply mass- production model after development completion

Wired/wireless communication module

SD Memory storage

Combine AI Solution

KPC BMS Function

KPC BMS’s features

· Low heat generation
· Remote monitoring
· Cell balancinge
· GUI Interface
· 1Ah~400Ah
· Data logging
· Diagnosis and remote control
· SOC, SOH, voltage, current, balancing, etc.
· Wired/wireless communication module attachment (option)
· Battery protection (overcurrent cutoff, over discharge protection)
· Battery information black box attachment (SD storage device)
· Defect cause tracking and other history management