Lithium is the answer!
KPC is the lithium-ion battery company which is leading the the market converting form lead to lithium.
We have great number of delivery performance to various industries including golf course, AGV, sweeper, forklift, UPS, ESS, and FRTU.


Li-ion Battery

Battery with advantages of high energy density, high efficiency charge / discharge, high stability, long lifetime, light weight, small volume, environment friendliness compared to lead-acid battery

Feature of KPC CELL

· Use long- lifespan lithium-ion battery (LFP)
· Lithium-ion battery (LFP) lifespan is 1.5~2 times that of lithium-ion battery (NCM)
· Chemical stability of the olivine structure minimizes the possibility of fire
· LFP lithium-ion battery’s excellent thermal stability allows it work well in a wide range of temperatures
· Holds 1Ah~400Ah range of single cells
· Global Top 10 cell applications
· Capacity design optimizable for various applications