Lithium is the answer!
KPC is the lithium-ion battery company which is leading the the market converting form lead to lithium.
We have great number of delivery performance to various industries including golf course, AGV, sweeper, forklift, UPS, ESS, and FRTU.


Lithium Battery Packaging Specialized Company KPC

Record massive cumulative Sales - 140MWh

“We are doing business with large, medium, and public companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Samsung Semiconductor, Hyundai Construction Machinery, KEPCO, Incheon International Airport, etc. and companies based on demand for technology.”

Small size

AGV, E-bike, Street lamp etc

Medium size

Golf cart, Sweeper, Forklift etc

Large size



-  1~400AH
-  Can type, Pouch type, Prismatic type
-  Owns Cell which could be used to various products


-  Owns various BMS products of 12-700V
-  Support various telecommunication including RS-232, RS-485, CAN2.0
-  Provide self-development battery monitoring program